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About us

Wine for all.

Boulevard Wines & Spirits is egalitarian like that. There are few experiences as pleasurable as enjoying great wine with delicious food and shared conversation. It's the kind of experience that holds us all together. We believe that a fair and just society must provide equal access to exceptional wine, without snobbery.

The current owners

From our bustling corner shop in Kingston’s Greenkill neighborhood, we offer a deliciously-curated, affordable and approachable wine selection from around the world. Many of our labels are unknown in these parts, and, as yet, unsung. But, they pack a punch and deliver exceptional quality for their price point. We love to introduce them to our customers. We want the buying experience to be almost as pleasurable as wine drinking itself. That’s what we’re here for.

Our cool little corner shop on the boulevard in old Kingston, New York has a storied history. Once a five and dime store, then a butchery, then Mr. Ralph Danger took over for forty years selling wine and spirits to his neighbors. The current owners purchased the store from Mr. Danger's daughters. This window on the world has always had a kind of draw. Pulling people in. Building community. That’s why we’re here now.

With several years’ industry experience, local roots, and a deep passion for wine and stories, we offer great suggestions, free wine tastings, speedy local delivery within the city of Kingston, and an always approachable vibe.

The opposite of the generic big box wine stores that sell mainstream bottles for cheap. The antithesis of pretentious boutiques. Boulevard Wines sells affordable yet excellent wine—of the people, for the people.

All for wine. Wine for all.

Door’s open. Come on in and get some.

Mr. & Mrs Danger

Mr. & Mrs. Danger, Opening Day, April 1977